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    LARK is working with on trend luxe British scarf designer fashionista Yaelle Caplan to elevate the National profile of deluxe brand Yaelle. We’re racking up stacks of National fashion press including the thumbs up from Stylist magazine featuring in the most sought after Style List both online and off  and also is gracing the pages of Vogue…(say no more) and spotted in-amongst all things luxe with the Lussorian and the affluent lifestyle guide Just Luxe.

    Ultimately created to pair high end style with effortless luxe. Playing on the notion that scarves can be a means to reflect mood – Yaelle scarves are awash with bold palates and bring exquisite glamour from past eras as well as satisfying latest on trend desires.

    Tipping a nod towards global influences, the intimate feel of a luxury scarf around the neck or hair captures elements of divine beauty and aspirational travel, style and being. Yaelle pursues the ideal of marrying culture and style in distinguishable form as fashion and art.

    Yaelle scarves are printed in England using the latest digital technologies onto fine crepe de chine silk. They are designed by the hand and heart of Yaelle Caplan. Her global wanderings have shown her that life is best captured through experience and this lesson unfolds sensually as a rippling silk scarf unfurls with intricate stencil detailing, rich colour and hand drawn illustration created from the base of water colour.

    Introducing personality to the scarves through the addition of a charm allows the wearer to interact with the scarf in more ways than just wearing it. The Russian Doll collection allows the wearer ownership of a miniature hand painted russian doll offering a pact of friendship and shared adventure. The charm which accompanies the Hamsa collection is a finely made filagree Hamsa hand for both good luck and fortune to encourage the wearer to be bold in life choices and courageous in path finding.