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  • The Chimney House, RICS Finalist

    We are super pleased to report that The Chimney House is a finalist in the highly competitive ‘Building Conservation’ category.
    The entry was complied of a 1,500 word entry – written by LARK.

    What the judges were looking for in entries this year
    While the design, visual appearance, size and cost are important, they are not the determining factors.

    In all categories the judges will be looking for a number of key points:

    Achieving value for money in carrying out the scheme and its future economic viability.

    Efficient use of resources and forward planning. Evidence of how the project has performed since completion e.g. was it designed to be energy efficient and is this being monitored?

    Commitment towards innovation and sustainability.

    Concept, purpose, use and most importantly, the project’s perceived impact on the end users in both the medium and long term.

    Evidence of if, and how, the local community has been involved along with feedback from occupants and local residents.