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  • Supper Society #3 LARK Events

    LARK plunges into another foray of specialist dining events – with an eye firmly on trending sequences in the industry and aspirations of a society to dine mysteriously and sporadically.

    Unbeknownst to them, the guests of The Chimney House were invited to a surprise Birthday party. An evening soiree to celebrate 4 years in the business of surprising and delighting.

    LARK presented an evening of parcels and gifts. Curious happenings and a beautifully curated menu showcasing The Chimney House’s signature and most popular menu, The Laden Table.

    A full house of guests gathered under the beams for a fast forward in music and pictures of 4 years at The Chimney House and whooping and hollering when a to scale model of the iconic building was presented to the room – complete with a smoking chimney!

    Such fun!

    The Chimney House