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  • Supper Society # 10/12 LARK Events

    LARK plunges into another foray of specialist dining events – with an eye firmly on trending sequences in the industry and aspirations of a society to dine mysteriously and sporadically.

    Hung loosely on a ‘Supper Club’ principle, Supper Society is the first time individual seats can be booked to attend a dining event in The Chimney House which usually hosts private dining events in the Pop Up Dining Hall for private parties and celebrations.

    Inspiration for the styling and content of Supper Society has been conjured up partly from elements from the ethereal novel ‘The Night Circus’ by Erin Morgenstern which trips between dream-like locations, Le Cirque des Rêves and glorious feasts hosted within a magical house and The Chimney House owners own curious night time adventures in Supper Clubs and dining experiences in the UK and Europe.

    Supper Society is described as a ‘mysterious society dedicated to the curious consumption of food’ and entertains ‘Societiers’ for the course of an evening with 6 courses and a secret theme which changes each time. Societiers have no idea of their experience until they arrive on Kelham Island when they are passed a secret note on the approach to The Chimney House as preparation for the theme they will find themselves immersed in on arrival.

    Sally Clark, Owner of The Chimney House comments ‘Supper Society takes The Chimney House to the next level of bespoke event presentation, we are avid pursuers of creative styling to enhance experiences and bolster imaginations to transport minds and souls away from the daily and mundane. To enter a Society based entirely on that ethos – just for the course of an evening is escapism worth experiencing.’

    Societiers will experience an unknown menu which has been crafted to reflect the imagination and genius from guest creative kitchen teams who place their emphasis on presentation and the ‘reveal’ of items as well as incredible ingredients combined to create inspiring tasty courses in keeping with chosen themes.

    Sally Clark continues ‘we have been asked hundreds of times if guests of The Chimney House can book places for dinner with us…Dinner almost seems a little humdrum – so we’ve created a Society that is open to everyone and gives us a chance to combine creative alliances with chefs who are willing to pick up our challenge of the creation of ‘a mysterious society dedicated to the curious consumption of food…We almost can’t wait till October 25th for our Societiers to arrive’.

    Supper Society

    ‘A mysterious society dedicated to the curious consumption of food within the walls of The Chimney House’

    Supper Society is the first time individual seats can be booked to attend a dining event in The Chimney House. Supper Society convenes once a month and presents an entirely different Society each time. Each Society theme has been deliberately chosen to enhance the dining and consuming experience presented by guest chefs as well as to create a kinship and camaraderie amongst Societiers attending each supper.
    Societiers must be prepared to put themselves in our hands and be guided through an evening which is as much about experience and ambiance as it is about food and its presentation.

    Societiers attending Supper Society will be not told what Society to expect until they arrive on Kelham Island. They will be handed a note on the approach to The Chimney House which will contain one word which will be the Supper Society theme.

    Supper Society is not a club. You are not bound by club rules nor are under any obligation to interact with any other society guests.

    Our Supper Society Chefs
    We wanted to work with chefs that challenge the usual and present dining outside the constraints of convention. We wanted to work with a team who didn’t shudder at the thought of leaving the dining plates in the cupboard and who didn’t run a mile when we revealed our first theme…We also wanted to be inspired by their thoughts and to challenge them on suggestions to deliver a sublimely exceptional menu which is based upon our locality but influenced by cool dining and supper clubs from the UK and into Europe. We wanted to work with a group of real foodies who have the expertise to deliver their promises and to be educational about the provenance of their ingredients without being a bore!

    We wanted playful and simple ideas that could be worked up into and around The Chimney House to be more than a Supper Club and more than just ‘dining’ we wanted the menu to be quirky and edgy but with a luxurious and sophisticated edge…One to surprise and delight.

    The team we’ve chosen for the first Supper Society, is one that has ticked all boxes and is as passionate about this event as we are, is one led by the creative and ever charming Peter Moulam from the creative kitchens of PJ Taste.

    Supper Society is hosted at The Chimney House sporadically and unusually.

    The Chimney House

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