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  • Supper Society # 02/13 LARK Events

    LARK plunges into another foray of specialist dining events – with an eye firmly on trending sequences in the industry and aspirations of a society to dine mysteriously and sporadically.

    You have been brought together to experience the playfulness of the time
    One may think that it was mighty fine
    To be Lords of the manor
    and to be Ladies that clamour
    For fine treats of the Empire
    Brought fast with a doffing of a cap, SQUIRE…
    …Hurry with that.
    Tricky fun
    put away that gun
    We’re gentlemen here until kingdom come.
    We endeavour to tease
    Your emotions we may seize
    Tis the way in The Great House

    We’ve been anticipating Supper Society since the end of our last Society meeting in October 12…

    Blackout Society was hailed as an disputable success kicking off our foray into our own brand of ‘Supper Club’ So how do you follow that? With Great House Society of course!

    We had a full house of fine Societiers convene for the toll of the dinner bell at 8pm sharp – for mystery and intrigue in the form of peculiar happenings and as one guest so elegantly put it ‘bonkers’ food…

    The Society  Hall was literally bursting with anticipation and guests, as sealed white boxes floated down to them with the instruction of don’t dare open your box till you hear the dinner bell ring again… Guests sat obedient and still… WHAT’S IN THE GODDAMN BOX!! WE ARE HUNGRY  resounding round the Hall in hungry silent volume…

    The trick to this Society is remember those Great Housers liked to play tricks and out-tricksy each other with wily fun and random games – so into Great House mode we plunged with our tricky white boxes and random instruction…

    Read the full encounter here