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  • Silversmiths. Look Book

    As part of LARK’s work on the award winning Silversmiths brand meant a new take on a ‘brochure’. Bringing a fashion element such as a ‘look book’ into their marketing literature meant that the food was always at the forefront of readers minds in a non obtrusive way. Focusing on aspiration paired with accessibility meant open to all.

    Creating an utterly irresistible feast for the eyes and the mind was top notch priority but which also contained careful prose to delight the eyes.

    A more than valuable visual tool to enhance new sales as well as to remind old and loyal customers that their restaurant of choice is ever raising the bar on excellence and never resting upon its laurels.

    A look book designed to invigorate and to stimulate hunger, this particular version is punctuated with hand drawn illustrations especially for Silversmiths to drive home the aspect of homemade, home grown and exacting levels of care.

    Look Book design by 93ft

    Photography by James Brown at 93ft