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  • Roomzzz Aparthotel, Newcastle City

    LARK are thrilled to confirm their continued working relationship with the trailblazing brand Roomzzz Aparthotel – a well known as a City behemoth for innovation in Leeds and Manchester. Roomzzz Aparthotel have recently reported their continued success with a franchise strategy which has driven the brand’s fast track expansion across the UK.

    The brand credits its systematic growth across the UK to a rigorous franchise programme, masterminded by Head of Roomzzz Aparthotel UK Mark Walton. True to form as Newcastle City comes on board – the latest announcement from Roomzzz Aparthotel UK is that the brand is on track to achieve their forecasted double figures by 2014.

    2012 sees the brand surge forward to open their fifth site within 6 years. Newcastle City is located in Friar House in the City Centre – a large Georgian House originally built in the 1700′s. Roomzzz Aparthotel is currently undergoing a sympathetic restoration programme on the Grade II listed building which will house 44 lifestyle driven and luxurious apartments and suites including a duplex penthouse.

    Head of Roomzzz Aparthotel Mark Walton is confident that the brand will bring new dimension to staying away from home for the North East. He comments ‘Roomzzz Aparthotel – Newcastle City is a chic stay-away from home which gives suggestions and aspirations to a luxurious lifestyle that sometimes may seem beyond our day to day reach – we match luxe and Apple technology with affordability and practicality,  the combination of which promises to strengthen the marketplace  in terms of luxury stays in Newcastle’.

    Originating in Leeds the brand established in 2006 and remains steadfast with their strategic positioning in the hospitality industry. The brand has made a documented impact within the industry from a design point of view, as well as being a serious innovator in the industry from an operations perspective.Head of Roomzzz Aparthotel UK Mark Walton comments ‘Our franchise team’s methodology is focused on delivering prime locations which match our brand’s principles. We also have a proven track record of delivering not only ground breaking industry averages but of developing an operations system which allows us to work on bucking trends within the marketplace. We are incredibly proud of our ability to break moulds, drive innovation which ultimately are the springboard to our brand expansion.’

    Roomzzz aim to change the way a brand, which falls into the ‘affordable’ bracket is perceived, has been achieved through its ethos and high standards since launch.

    Walton continues, ‘the brand is evolving, morphing into a force which is smashing historic growth patterns and sales figures. Our investment into researching the marketplace, current and future trends is considerable and this knowledge has enabled us to make bold directional changes to drive and keep up with demand’.

    Roomzzz Aparthotel are known for their own take on deciphering their target audience and tailoring the appeal of the brand to match and manage expectation of customers across all sites. Smart marketing techniques champions customer interaction and weaves loyalty and measurability throughout the brand.

    Head of Roomzzz Aparthotel, Mark Walton concludes, ‘The Roomzzz Aparthotel franchise model is accepted as an exciting investment. We are in discussions with several more franchisee partners including a site in Glasgow.’

    He continues ‘Newcastle City is an incredibly exciting location for the brand – we are looking forward to being immersed in the rich vibrancy that the City offers residents and tourists alike. We are proud to be a part of Newcastle’s hospitable future.’