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  • #2 in the World, The Chimney House, Sheffield. PR

    LARK worked to submit The Meeting Room at The Chimney House, Sheffield to global leaders in venue recognition eVenue.

    The Chimney House has been ranked NUMBER 2 in The World’s Most Creatively Designed Meeting Rooms..Alongside Meeting Rooms in Berlin, Cape Town and Baltimore!

    This is what they said…

    ‘While most of the creative boardroom designs sport a sleek futuristic look, it was refreshing to find the Sheffield meeting room at a UK venue called The Chimney House. The red-brick walls, hardwood floors and salvaged furniture and decor give the place a welcoming, “lived-in” feeling which is sure to make anyone feel at home the moment they walk in. Not only that but it comes equipped with a projector, screen, WiFi and audio system to meet any presentation’s needs.’

    One thing that sets this venue apart from all the rest is that the design studio 93ft (Strange coincidence, but the Chimney House happens to be 93ft tall) which restored and rescued this 19th Century building actually makes their home here–so there was extra incentive to get it right!’

    The Chimney House