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  • Mud Crab Industries. Website creation

    The restaurant industry is changing – trends dip in and out and loyalty shifts. What better time than to launch a ‘future-proof’ and fresh portrayal of a brand whose chief goal is to encapsulate excellence whilst at the same time radiating modesty in the light of achievement and success.

    For a restaurant that offers variety throughout different times of the day and the energy that is generated at those times meant the times of the day led the train of thought – to always give viewers of the site a reason to get offline and explore their local restaurant at a time that tickles their fancy.

    Outwardly a simple site but technically clever and excellently developed  on many levels holds the audience rapt in attention as they are propelled through locations or right at home with one. The need for customers to menu check and communicate with the restaurants was key no matter what mobile device they operate.

    Mud Crab have a huge amount of fun loving quirk and a love of playful and smart thinking which meant top priority was for the site to be sales based but at the same time making viewers into captains of a curious voyage through the landscapes of their mind.

    Mud Crab