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  • Mud Crab Industries. Copywriting

    Captivation through verbal styling is something that LARK holds dear.

    Styling means the power of suggestion, the placement of ideas and the element of curiosity. Mud Crab has several mini sub brands that needed to be incorporated into text – but in a manner that isn’t apparent – but will become so on visiting the restaurant or reading a menu online.

    Top priority was a sense of¬† louche ‘devil may care’, mystical playfulness¬† but matched with tender wisdom – all created in house by LARK.

    ‘Ethereal stampede.
    Sun, rain and dinner dance. Summon the Gods, we’re talking ritual.
    All hail the rumblings within.’

    ‘Wilderness roaming, urban profound.
    Slight of hand and trick of the eye.
    A gathering in a glade
    Feast from within.’

    ‘Some say to be happy, one needs to be content.
    The wise say contentment is usually found in the last mouthful.
    Therefore happiness is surely within anticipation.’

    Also essential was the use of prompt which could also be used as news flashes to promote offers and seasonality.

    Mud Crab