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  • Mud Crab Industries. Brand identity

    We often deal with brands mid-way through a brand switch. Enter LARK  to to give frank and open advice about the direction of brand ID and the best way in terms of cost, effectiveness and audience translation to deliver a working brand ID with impact.

    Mud Crab Industries – seasoned innovators on the restaurant scene, dynamic, savvy and go-getting – operating in the North of the UK. A dream client in terms of understanding creativity, with an ability to appreciate unconventional strategic methods to re-engage and re-converse with customers via elements of ID through all available platforms.

    Working to create separate identities for each location LARK has taken some identifiable aspects from each restaurant  and merged with themes and stories to create a interactive, thought provoking springboard to launch Mud Crab’s new look to a surge of customers who fill their restaurants on a daily basis.

    Bold, mindful of trend and a ‘pull on your heart strings’ methodology spring to mind when considering the identity of Mud Crab matched with a savvy understanding of the UK  bar and restaurant scene – as Mud Crab leaps from strength to strength.

    Mud Crab