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    LARK had the joy of creating words to accompany the softest of soft, bunny pink, new Yorkshire brand Laundry for Hair. A new style concept introduced by the colliding worlds of Toni & Guy trailblazer Mitchell Wilson and ideas pioneer Tim Hubbard from design studio 93ft.

    Working on the basis that Laundry was to re-educate minds and hearts. To give hope and sincerity that ‘comfortable luxury’ was indeed possible alongside the words hair and salon.

    LARK’s wording has been used across all platforms – web, print, digital marketing.

    About Laundry

    Laundry is an award winning Sheffield Hairdressers. Come and see us for all your hair needs and requirements to make you feel a whole lot of happy about the hair upon your head.

    We’re inspired by Laundrettes, American Laundromats and Washaterias – hangouts for gathering, gossiping – a community, a hub – a place you go to get the buzz in the town. Of course we are Laundry for hair so you’re not going to get a ‘bed and bath’ cycle with extra fabric conditioner – but you will get hair that you’ll be proud to have on your head and good friendly Sheffield chatter. That’s why we’re called a ‘Super Sheffield Salon’ by Hairdressers Journal!

    We’re really proud of how we look. Every part of Laundry has been built by hand. Think honest fabrics – rescued woods, smooth and cool to the touch concrete polished and buffed up, luxurious leather, exposed brick and iron wrought in Sheffield. We think differently about Hairdressing. We’re comfortable luxury – no airs and graces just dedicated to the cause of making you look and feel top notch. We are 2014 winners in the ‘Most Wanted Awards’ for BEST NEW SALON in the UK by Creative Head Magazine.

    Laundry for Hair