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  • LARK EVENTS: Girls Night In

    How do you reach out to people and make them feel part of something? By throwing a ‘Girls Night In’ of course! LARK worked with Laundry to invite a group of 30 girls – who hadn’t experienced Laundry before. The goal? Super fun and the conversion of the ‘Girls’ into Laundry ambassadors – and customers of course!

    Throw into the mix some fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers and et voilà

    Thinking Differently! Girls’Night In

    What we do at Laundry is much more than just cutting and colouring hair. It’s a precise and highly skilled process that results in an experience that is all about making you look and feel brilliant. We take great pride in our approach to finding out how you want to look and feel. The media spotlight is firmly honed into specialists who are worth their weight in gold when it comes to understanding and delivering supreme results which is certainly what Laundry is known for.

    Girls’ Night In pick up this train of thought and our first series are inspired by the time you spend in front of the mirror as you get your hair cut, coloured and styled and what our face tells us on closer inspection. We all scrutinize our faces and all want to look and feel the best we can. We have teamed up with leading specialists to educate our guests on how to look younger and feel more beautiful naturally without surgery or expensive creams.

    We teamed up with Sheffield’s leading facial revitalisation practitioner Jo Moon who is a specialist in the how to look younger and feel more beautiful naturally without surgery or expensive creams.

    Jo trained with Virginia Doran of New York, who pioneered cosmetic acupuncture in the West and holds BSc Hons in traditional Chinese Medicine with the specialisation of acupuncture and a postgraduate diploma in Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture.

    We were delighted to welcome a full house of girls to share a knowledge rich evening with Jo.

    Our evening included Jo sharing her wisdom by telling and showing us practical tips based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine principles tested by empresses and concubines of the early Song Dynasty. We learnt how to read the skin and face to make holistic changes to our beauty routine that will help us look your most radiant naturally.