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  • Glenn Foster

    Glenn Foster approached LARK to widen his profile. Glenn is Robert Downey Junior’s official stunt double and had been nominated for 2 World Stunt Awards for 2 of his stunts in the latest Sherlock Holmes film – one of which he won at a Hollywood ceremony in May 2010.

    Glenn has also doubled Robert Downey Junior  in both Iron Man films and he has been involved in all the new Bond films and was nominated for a world stunt award for his acting role in Quantum of Solace. The stunt awards are dominated heavily by US actors and stunt personal but  being from Yorkshire, UK there was great scope to tell an inspiring story.

    Glenn is one of the best in the business on a global scale – he’s worked with the biggest names on films such as The Dark Knight, The Bourne films, Tomb Raider and The Golden Compass.