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  • Gamebore. Website direction

    LARK worked with 93ft to deliver a brand new website to leading manufacturers of English shotgun cartridges for Game and Clay – Gamebore.

    Unusually Gamebore had requested a new website but without the adaptation of their existing logo ID – which had to be incorporated into web design and visual aspects.

    LARK directed the look and tone of the site – driving the visual side of both Game and Clay to tell the story of Gamebore and ultimately to promote sales. The site had to be readily accessible across all mobile devices – which presented products in an innovative and dynamic way – which could easily be viewed from any place in the World.

    LARK majors on creating a platform on which a brand or product can excel – looking at a different aspect to the world of  English shotgun cartridges brought out not only the technicality and prowess of the product – but also tapped into a lifestyle element that brings a new dimension to the brand. The inclusion of ‘look books’ in the Gamebore site brought a trend and fashion element to the brand portrayal but which had longevity and an ‘anti-aging’ persuasion via content.

    Website design and development – 93ft

    Website direction – LARK

    Photography – James Brown at 93ft