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  • Gamebore. Creative Content, Photo-styling

    We haven’t come across anyone else who owns a Shotwell Tower!

    The Gamebore Shotwell Tower is the only working shot tower in the UK. It was essential that the Gamebore factory could feature on the site – giving a flavour of production and innovation – but of course protecting technology.

    We needed to take elements of the factory – to become part of the visual story, to instill the values of Gamebore to the fore-front of one’s mind.

    Gamebore cartridges are internationally known for – innovation, quality, performance, attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

    Their ability to control these assets are the measurable strengths which the Gamebore brand is built around, which has made them into a World leader.

    Gamebore’s investment into the latest innovations in advanced manufacture including a Tungsten shot plant and up to the minute ballistics testing equipment is matched with their values placed on tradition and British heritage. The Gamebore Shotwell Tower produces all of their lead shot onsite and is the only working shot tower in the UK giving them an undoubtable edge of finesse and prestige.

    Gamebore put all of their shot through a rigorous quality control process to ensure the highest grade at all times. They put quality first without compromise and give customers value for money and outstanding ammunition.

    They hold one of the highest marques of excellence – The Queens Award for Export, a globally recognised and prestigious award for their international trade performance. They are proud to supply over 40 countries around the Globe.

    The Gamebore workforce and culture is typically British, striving for, achieving and maintaining excellence for our customers at all costs. They drive the ethic of ‘service beyond all else’ by running two onsite warehousing operations one for Global export and the other for next day orders to the UK.

    Creative direction – LARK

    Photography – James Brown, 93ft