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  • Gamebore, Creative Content. Photo-styling

    Manufacturers of English shotgun cartridges for Game and Clay since 1973 – Gamebore represent all things British. And what a heritage.

    LARK was approached to show Gamebore as a leader in the global market for British made elite sporting products.

    We needed to capture the rich textures of landscapes and trophy sky shots of being involved in a game shoot, taking in the countryside and essentially the product in action.

    Conscious that the shots we took needed to be technically correct and had to ooze sophistication required for this muti-award winning brand meant location scouting – to take in moorland and water locations, equipment source and preparation, model source, vehicles and estate permissions.

    Tapping into the proud heritage of British shooting combined with innovative technical breakthroughs in advanced manufacture. Gamebore present ammunition which has the comfort of excellence as well as the agility and prowess that their global customer base expects from their exceptional product range.

    British based and made. Gamebore have built industrious past and illustrious future around decades of experience and are spurred on by the desire and the ability to produce the best.

    Gamebore drive the ethos of passion, quality, performance,knowledge and innovation through their product range – to give structure and validation behind all of our lines paired with effortless usability and practicality in the field.

    Styling and Shoot logistics – LARK

    Photographer – James Brown at 93ft