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  • Gamebore. Copywriting

    Bringing the Gamebore story to the World meant a verbal styling adventure packed with heritage and technology.

    Understanding technicality and Gamebore’s need for short, impactful communication which reflected their history and future meant careful and precise terminology across Game and Clay disciplines.

    Gamebore’s use of ‘ambassadors’ meant dynamic profiles needed creating for some of the World’s best shots. We showed the qualities of products to be matched with  the personality of the ambassador as well as to show their prowess and success at competition level using Gamebore.

    Gamebore expects their ambassadors to deliver exceptional performances and showcase their cartridges, personifying their ammunition with the weight of their knowledge and rapport with their chosen disciplines and sport.

    LARK brought different depths to the brand – honing down the elements which brought salable value to the products – choosing carefully the language of subliminal persuasion to encourage an aspirational attachment to the Gamebore brand bringing the factory, the products, the ambassadors, heritage and plans for the future into the equation as a well rounded brand platform.