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  • Eroica Britannia 2014 Copy Writing

    The creation of the story of Eroica Britannia had to be handled with care. Paying homage to the historic and highly respected Eroica in Italy, whilst crafting Eroica Britannia’s own strong identity was key.

    Alongside the website and all marketing copy, LARK wrote The Great British Adventure. A work of art in its own right – which was used as the main Sponsors document for season one. It took the form of a printed ‘newspaper’ as well as a digital download and attracted key sponsors LUSH, Thornbridge, Hendrick’s Gin, Concerto, Movember. It also gave us the support and backing from the Peak District National Park.

    LARK crafted stories of courage, of heroes, of the golden age of cycling and awe inspiring hidden gems of the Peak District National Parks. There were promises of glorious Britannia heritage and inspiring life affirming moments. Above all there was fun, high jinks and lashings of festival excellence that could be enjoyed with friends and family – even those non-cycling friends and family!

    LARK also wrote L’Eroica Britannia ethos. A document which transcended heroic tales and adventures. It was, after all the reason that the 4 chaps from Sheffield had decided to host Eroica Britannia in the first place.

    Extracts from the Eroica Britannia Ethos are below.

    L’Eroica Britannia is made up of a group of people who hold the same values and trains of thought as many of the cycling fraternity. We are not in anyway holier than thou after all we all love riding our bikes, adventuring in the countryside, eating and drinking and being part of a team who enjoy each others company and maintain our fitness. On our journey to creating L’Eroica Britannia we felt compelled to outline some of the points we consider to be important.

    Territory and Community

    We are in high admiration and deeply in love with our area. The Peak District National Park is a place that we enjoy on a daily basis. It is diverse, wild, modern, exhilarating, enchanting and so much more. Above all it is a place that hold the keys to so many secrets from the past and indeed strengthens the future in turn. The importance to reference history and admire and empathise with the challenges and the hard times is actually a catalyst to celebrating the communities and people that pull together to educate and forge the shape of future generations. The evolution of community we find akin to a bike tour such as L’Eroica Britannia as we travel through our territory working as a team to secure our heritage and future, inspiring younger generations along the way. We are mindful that encouraging our children to learn about the importance of territory and handle it with the respect it deserves will only build stronger communities both for lovers of bikes and form better bonds for villages and towns.

    Sustainability, Environment & Economy

    We are all aware of the positive effect of traveling by bike. The cult of bike is massive and will only get stronger with time, growing in momentum and having far reaching knock on effects to genres of life outside the sport. L’Eroica Italia started with 95 riders dedicated to save their white roads which had come under threat. L’Eroica Britannia is fortunate enough to ride through many trails which have come under similar threat but have been rescued and reassigned in their uses. For example the Monsal Trail the former Midland railway re-opened after many years and much campaigning to now be a connective route through many of villages and towns of the Peak District – which most people travel by bike. The theme of re-use and re-discovery is an important one for both the ride and the festival drawing our awareness to how our behaviour in our environment can impact on our surrounds and the local economy.

    The bike tour of L’Eroica Britannia and the festival will be built, staffed and cared for by people, companies, businesses from the local villages and towns. We are working with skilled experts in their fields who share our ethos about recycling and supporting the local economy. We are working with local schools to fuel our fires with their creative input and more importantly to make them feel part of our team – encouraging us all to pull together regardless of age or circumstances.

    A Note to Sponsors

    Eroica literally translates as the heroes. L’Eroica Britannia embraces the idea of heroic cycling, the romance of cycling as it once was. Recognising the age old ideals of valour, courage. To be a hero it doesn’t mean that you have to ride your bike hard and long – maybe only if you do the 100M that helps!

    We are actively seeking sponsors who bring a willingness and a link in with our ethos. To educate, inspire, to have fun, to enjoy life to get up off the sofa and get on your bike – to feel the wind rushing past you and the bumps on the road, to sail down a hill and sweat upon a climb – we’re all in it – and we would love to be in it with you.

    Eroica Britannia